A rather depressing individual who while being overall rather cynical, pessimistic and legally blind, brought the term "Big ass tiddies" to life over a year ago. Once had beef with Ianolivia over fucking stupid shit and he laughed at her having a lump on her lung which they thought was a tumor but wasnt. Now they are friends or some shit, she questions how people see her constantly. She can be most often seen in plague doctor attire thats been out of fashion for 500 years or so or a band tshirt and jeans. Can usually be found wherever food can be found or wherever her British counterpart , better known as "Smittzero" is

Random Facts:

-Cries a lot

-Has a sjw sister who looks like a man

-owns a nice ds

-sleeps a lot

-Hopes to be a sloth when she grows up, or be dead. .either works

-She's the fuckin loser who wrote this article, why? Because no one is gonna stop her