[Verse] Poo poo, pee pee, penis and vagina Women with dicks and weak men with vaginas So fucking delicate like mommy’s fine china If you have complaints please wait your turn and line up [ I got a message for these little fags trynna Be a momma’s boy and a teacher's pet, pimple face, asswipe Looking like they just had a gyne-cologist Stick five fingers in your ass, no lube So what'cha gonna do?] If you’re number one, shove it up your ass and make it number two (ooh) [ Ladies getting mad in the comments, and I’m hearing it You think it was a typo with these red lines and periods (oooh)] Ha-ha, no comma Bitches with their self esteem get out of the sauna My shit lies in the sewers, closing the hatch I only joke about diseases and reference that only you can catch (Ew, oh my god) And if you think you’re fucking grown up Keep breathing heavy with your keyboard and fedora [ Hands around your dick with the kung-fu grip Stroking back and forth to My Little Pony clips, bitch] [ Go outside and ride a bike or something And get laughed at by kids to remind you that you are nothing And then, get hit by every car or truck that ever passes] [ "Your life flashes before your eyes!" Oh wait, it’s your Google Glasses] Nevermind, faggot Just pick your ass up and take you to the closest sign, faggot I’m not done yet, you get up and you go home [ Sit at your computer and open up Google Chrome And then look at tutorials on how to hang yourself at home] And then you can hang yourself [ (Is that the end of the story?) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, no son] [Hook] [ Kill yourself Please, please kill yourself You should really kill yourselves Please, please kill yourself You should really kill yourselves]

[Outro] (I got a little bit of that anal cream for your asshole)